Light Wizzard

The Light Wizzard is a Phenomena known as “White Noise”, I call it Trinary Energy, but it is much more then just that, but to understand, we must look at the People who coined this term, and that starts Sir Isaac Newton, who wrote a Book about the Principles of Light, the Light is what Newton proved was the Force of Gravity in all this Equations, it is what he called “God”, because the Bible stated that God was All Light without Darkness, and that Darkness was the Rainbow of Colors that existed in the White Light of the Sun, so he Proved that People can only see the Darkness yet they call it the Light.

Sir Isaac Newton was known as “The Last Magician” on the BBC special with that Title, that was released in 2013. The Word Magician can be Spelled “Wizard”, the two terms mean the same thing, but BBC could not use that term, because “The Last Wizard” was known as Nikola Tesla, who believed in the Newtonian Universe.

The Term: “Light Wizzard” where Wizzard is Spelled with two Z’s, means Wizard in our Dreams, this term refers to Dreams that were documented in Notes about Wizards throughout time, Dreams about Pyramids, and other Wonders of the World, so the term Light means that there is a Science behind the next term, because Light is Energy and Newton proved there are 3 types of Light:

  1. Light without Darkness
  2. Darkness without Light
  3. Mass-less Light and Dark Energy known as White Noise

This is the foundation for a Science called Trinary Science, where the Term “Trinary” means 3 State Logic, so it has 3 States:

  1. +1: Positive Polarity that exist in Matter
  2. -1: Negative Polarity that exist in Antimatter
  3. 0: Null, Void or Empty Space

If you want to learn more about Trinary Science check out the this website.