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The First Post is always going to the last thing most people read, its the nature of the beast to come in last, but when its the Only Post, it is the First thing people Read, so it must set the Pace for the rest of the Blogs.

My name is Jeffrey Scott Flesher, and IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh:

The Light Wizzard in the Flesh

If you have not watched my many Videos on Yew Tube, then you may not know who IAM, besides being a Medically Retired Disabled Gulf War Vet, I also wrote a PhD on “The Principles of the Trinary Universe“, which is over 600 pages that prove how Stupid Sheeple are, and also proves that Trinary Science is the Real Science of all time, and it use to be called “God”, because God is All Light without Darkness, so Sir Isaac Newton wrote about this more then he did about any other subject, so it must have been more important to him, so the Trinary ¬†Universe was based on all his work, but was actually written by my two First Cousins Five times remove: Isaac Newton and Benjamin Franklin, and where of course both Flesher’s, so when I refer to my Cousin Isaac Newton or my Cousin Benjamin Franklin, I am talking about my Family and notes that I inherited from them.

As a Child I had a hard time fitting into Society, I did not think like Normal people, but I did not find out that I was an Ashkenazi with Autism and a High IQ, till the year 2000 when my Father called me and told me all the Secrets my Family have been keeping, then he died about 32 days later, so I did not have time to ask any questions. I had no idea I was an Aspie till the year 2013 when I was finally tested, so it was no wonder that I did not do well in school because all they were teaching were lies that went against everything Sir Isaac Newton had taught about the Newtonian Universe, so School was a joke, degrees were meaningless because they were based on lies, and Society turned their back on Newton because of what he wrote about Christ in 1666, he proved that Christ was inserted into the Bible before the 8th century, so Antichrist got labeled as 666 and few know why. 

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