Mad Dash News Network is a website dedicated to bring you news about the Light Wizzard in the Flesh and Trinary Science from the Trinary Universe, for those that do not know what a Light Wizzard is click here to be taken to the Light Wizzard Page.

People come to this site for one reason only, and that is because they are sick of all the Main Stream Lies, so People are a bread of Animal that understands Trinary Science, if you do not know what Trinary Science is then Click here. Sheeple on the Other hand, are those that come here to discredit the work of Wizards throughout time, so we tend to ignore the Sheep, and sic the Dog on them for being Baad Sheep, and its why we say that “Yew are Stupid”, because Yew is a type of Tree known as TaxUS, and Stupid Sheep eat Taxus, and you are what you eat, so if you eat TaxUS, you are yew, and yew are Stupid Sheeple, and that is all for Entertainment purposes only, we do not try to say “You are Stupid”, that would not be Nice, but saying “Yew are Stupid” is funny.

The Light Wizzard has its own website, it is not designed to be interactive, no Forums, Comments or other such interactions, this site and Trinary Science are the only sites that I offer to do so, so if you want to see the Light Wizzard site click here.

Most people do not care about how the Universe works, they just do not want to think to deep at all, so this information will be hard to understand, because it actually requires people to learn about Trinary Science, and most people do not think Science is fun, but it can be, because once you understand it, you can do anything.